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Quick publishing means less waiting time

When Varde Kommune said goodbye to their previous publishing solution for agendas, it did not take long before they were recommended FirstAgenda Publication as a suitable replacement.

After a short investigation of the solution and a quick look at the other systems the municipality uses, they quickly decided that it was the right solution.

After this, Publication has been introduced in more of the West Jutland municipality. When the employees have tried the system, they have already noticed a big difference in their workflow.

It is super fast to publish an agenda with the help of Publication. We can immediately see if an agenda is uploaded correctly to the website. Before, we could sit for hours waiting to see if it succeed.

  Kathrine Kristensen Kielgast, Secretarial employee

Secretarial employee in Varde Kommune

But it is not only the employees that have welcomed the new system positively. Also, on the citizens' side, the feedback has been positive towards the new possibilities that Publication brings.

"Citizens that use our website has given positive feedback to the new system, and in particular due to the possibility to subscribe to certain agendas. This function has been asked for in quite a while now. Besides, it is also very user-friendly," Kathrine Kristensen Kielgast says.

"The entire implementation process has been very positive. We got a quick response from FirstAgenda, and the implementation happened at a fast pace. When we explained how we would like the system to run for us before the Christmas Holiday, less than four days went by before FirstAgenda presented an action plan. From there, it only took a couple of days before we were up and running", say Kathrine Kristensen Kielgast.

The ongoing communication between FirstAgenda and the responsible in the municipality was one of the biggest reasons for the quick execution. It is also a great advantage that Publication can be adjusted to the municipality's internal systems and visual identity.

"It went very smooth when we started using the system, and it looked good visually. We can easily customise it according to our needs, so it goes great together with our website. This way, the citizens still feel like it is an environment of Varde Kommune even though they are sent to a new system", Kathrine Kristensen Kielgast ends.

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