We are FirstAgenda

We are a group of enthusiastic people that have developed digital meeting solutions for municipalities, boards, councils, and private organisations during the last ten years.
We became a part of the Visma concern in 2020.

What we are good at

Visma FirstAgenda develops software to streamline meetings. Our meeting solutions have more than 40,000 users, and the customer base keeps growing bigger.

We have our eyes open and are constantly looking for new digital ways to combat inefficient meeting processes.

We are known for our good contact with customers and are passionate to develop precise and simple solutions. We are champions at this since we listen and take inputs from attentive customers seriously.

We are good at what we do


More than 800 organisations are using FirstAgenda


More than 40,000 users in the Nordics


More than 370,000 meetings have been held in FirstAgenda

We have helped a lot of people

Our customer portfolio ranges widely. Municipalities, regions and other public agencies as boards and educational institutions make up for the majority.


The financial sector, housing associations, and private boards also enjoy our meeting solutions.

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Follow our journey

All customers, who have been a part of FirstAgenda's journey from the beginning and are still with us in 2021, are celebrating their 10th anniversary. A lot more have joined along the way, and we continue to expand our market to Sweden and Finland, where we in 2021 just gained our first customers.

370,000 meetings since 2010

A ton of meetings have been held with FirstAgenda's meeting products since our first digital solution was born in 2010.

Think about how much paper, inc, mail deliveries etc., it have saved!

Do you want to be a part of Visma FirstAgenda?

... and join the team that develops successful meeting solutions? We guarantee that you will have great and engaged colleagues.

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