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Saves several hours a week with automatic agenda publishing

Herlev Kommune has automated the process of finishing agendas and making them accessible from the website and has this way minimised the amount of manual work by several hours. At the same time, they give the citizens the possibility to subscribe to the committees that suit them.

Herlev Kommune experienced their current process for publishing agendas could use some improvements since the citizens demanded functions as the option to subscribe to news about the committees, which was not possible with the old solution. The municipality wanted to make the agendas and minutes from FirstAgenda Prepare available from their website faster and more efficient than previously.

With FirstAgenda Publication, the municipality has cut manual work by several hours and increased the functionality of the agenda publishing.

A simple solution that makes a huge impression

The employees in Herlev Kommune was recommended FirstAgenda Publication from colleagues from other municipalities, but they did not expect that the solution would make that big of an impression.

"The platform appealed to us from the beginning with a managable and functional design that seem very intuitive" tells Aleksandra Novovic, Management secratary in Herlev Kommune.

The implementation happened fast and effective, and in case of features not working or a longer starting time, the response from FirstAgenda was quick.

"Elements that did not work was fixed immediately, and FirstAgenda was very friendly to update the page continuously if there were technical issues", says Aleksandra Novovic.

FirstAgenda Publication has made our work with agendas much easier. We no longer need to hassle with the process since the system automatically publishes everything we need to our website.

  Aleksandra Novovic, Management secretary

Agenda publication made very easy

FirstAgenda Publication has now replaced the old system, and according to Aleksandra Novovic, the results have been positive both for the employees and citizens.

"It has surprisingly easy to use FirstAgenda Publication. When all the possibilities were set up in our system, and we were onboarded, it seems extremely simple and intuitive", says Aleksandra Novovic.

FirstAgenda Publication gives you the possibility to search for specific committees and sort these according to date, and the relevant data will automatically be uploaded in the municipality's systems through the platform. At the same time, the citizens can subscribe to the committees they are interested in, so they automatically receive notifications when something new is uploaded.

"We save a lot of manual work and time uploading agendas, and the citizens are satisfied with the subscription function. Earlier, we got many inquiries to send different meeting minutes and agendas to certain citizens. But after FirstAgenda Publication has been set up, we have not received a single one", says Aleksandra Novovic.

The employees share the citizens' enthusiasm

The employees of Herlev Kommune has welcomed FirstAgenda Publication, and the responsible employees have been onboarded and are comfortable with the system. Meanwhile, many employees have signed up for the notifications, and the positive attitude towards the system which enjoys Aleksandra Novovic.

"FirstAgenda Publication has made our tasks with agenda creation much better. We no longer need to hassle with the entire process since the system uploads to the website itself. The solution is all around, and we save several hours of work each week", Aleksandra Novovic ends.

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