Tandskadeankenævnet avoids massive paperwork

Tandskadeankenævnet takes care of Complaint Board tasks for Tandlægeforeningens Tandskadeerstatning.

In Tandskadeankenævnet, the paper pile for a single meeting can easily exceed 30 centimetres. With FirstAgenda, the Dental consultant, Lene Baad-Hansen, no longer needs to drag a suitcase packed with meeting documents with her around to meetings. Instead, she has everything gathered on her iPad.

When they changed the meeting solution to FirstAgenda, there was some scepsis at the beginning from a few of the older members of the board. However, they disappeared fast when they saw how easy it was to use.

Today, Tandskadeankenævnet saves the environment for tons of paper. Furthermore, they no longer spend time shredding confidential case documents or transport them back to the secretary when the cases have been processed.

Before we used FirstAgenda to the meetings, the pile of paper for a single meeting was often more than 30 centimetres tall. Therefore, I had to travel back and forth across Storebælt with a suitcase packed with papers and X-rays pictures. Today, I only carry my iPad, which is such a relief.

- Lene Baad-Hansen, Dental consultant

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