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The implementation of an effective agenda publication in record time

When Skive Kommune recently changed from their old DMS system to GetOrganized, the employees saw it as a golden chance to rethink the way they publish agendas. For a long time, they wished for a more intriguing way to present agendas and minutes. At the same time, the new solution should also be more user friendly and intuitive for the citizens. Besides, it would be a huge bonus if they also had the opportunity to design and control the system themself. This way, it could match their webpage. 

"We are a small municipality, and it is not given that we can afford a system that needs to be designed from scratch. We would love to copy-paste a well functioning solution from another municipality, so we do not need to invent the wheel. We saw other municipalities use FirstAgenda Publication, and it looked well tested and cool", Malene Brink says, Web Consultant, Skive Kommune.

Quick and effective implementation

The municipality has had their eyes on the solution a couple of years ago but was, at the time, busy with other projects. However, they kept an eye on Publication, and when the decision was made, it went fast to get Publication implemented. This was primarily due to the simple integration between Publication, Prepare, and GetOrganized, which could be done in a short time.

"We looked at Publication earlier and have considered similar solutions that would work together with our new DMS system. A week before the deadline for publishing, and an agreement with another provider that fell through, Publication was the only system we could implement before the deadline." Dalia Clausen tells, DMS project manager.

"The process was extremely easy! I believe it only took around three days before we were up and running. We called FirstAgenda and determine what both parties were responsible for during the process. I have never experienced an integration with a third-party product that has been this smooth. I remember getting a phone call two days after the clarification meeting where I was asked to go visit the website they had set up for us, and then it was just running." says Malene Brink.

"We got a detailed and precise list of what we needed to bring to the table, which made it quick and easy to involve the right colleagues in the process. It was a great process from FirstAgenda, and we went on at a fast pace. Even though it went fast, we felt comfortable all the way", Delia Clausen says.

We knew that the integration between FirstAgenda Prepare and FirstAgenda Publication would be quick and easy. When we saw how effective Publication worked in other municipalities' websites, the decision was simple.

  Malene Brink, Web Consultant 

User-friendly and presentable publishing tool

Malene and Dalia have only worked with the system for less than one week, but the expectations for Publications are high. Now, they can look forward to a simple and automatic agenda publishing as well as a new PDF viewing that will comply with the many municipalities that choose to import the agendas as a PDF from their DMS system.

"It seems very user-friendly for the citizens, and the solution makes agendas searchable from our website. Besides, it has a great layout and is very presentable", says Dalia Clausen.

"I look forward to trying out the solution further and realise how easy it is to read agendas. Usually, we received a lot of criticism from the citizens, complaining about how much of a hassle it was previously. So now I am looking forward to receiving feedback regarding the new solution". Malene Brinks ends.

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