Danish Agriculture & Food Council

FirstAgenda is the primary meeting tool in the Danish Agriculture & Food Council

Danish Agriculture & Food Council is a business organisation for the agriculture and food industry. The export exceeds 152 billion Danish crowns yearly and employs more than 172,000, which makes them one of the most crucial sectors in Denmark according to themself.

The organisation, Danish Agriculture & Food Council, is managed by two boards: A primary board and a company board. In 2012 the Danish Agriculture & Food Council started using FirstAgenda Prepare in their funds. Since then, the rest of the company has adopted the system, and today FirstAgenda Prepare is the primary meeting tool in the two managing boards.

With FirstAgenda Prepare, we no longer need comprehensive paper handling and old business procedures - which is one of the best advantages of the solution. Now we have great flexibility and can suggest changes until the deadline without being nervous if everyone has received the latest changes.

- Jesper Bollerslev, IT consultant

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