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Agendas in 10 seconds

Earlier, the production of agendas for the up to 200 yearly meetings in the municipal council, political committees, direction, and management teams in Ballerup Kommune was a long process that needed time and patience. Now, the agenda system FirstAgenda Management has made life much easier for the six agenda producers in the municipality.

FirstAgenda Management has made the agenda production far more effective. It is intuitive and easy to use and the flow from agenda creation to publishing minutes is smooth. A agenda can be created in less than 10 seconds where we earlier could spend 10 minutes doing this, since the agenda items needed to be downloaded from Word.

 Jette Brøndum, Ballerup Kommune

Overview of meetings

The agenda producer in the municipality and the employees that write the agenda items have positively welcomed the agenda system. They are very excited about the solution that was implemented in Autumn 2013. 

"The system gives the agenda producers a good overview of the meetings, and it makes a big difference that the workflows regarding the agenda production are gathered in one place. We have been a part of the design process and customized templates, which makes it easy to create agenda items. People are also happy that we, unlike previously, can use several templates for the same agenda", says Jette Brøndum.

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