Simple administration of complex meetings

FirstAgenda Management makes it simple to administrate complex meetings. Gather the preparation of all agendas, registration of attendees, and publication of meeting minutes in one single platform.

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The advantages of FirstAgenda Management

Collection of agenda items

FirstAgenda Management automatically collects the meeting participants' suggestions to agenda items.

Process overview

FirstAgenda Management gives a simple overview of the entire meeting process and indicates which tasks that are awaiting input.

Meeting templates

Use predefined templates or create your own from scratch.

Prepare the minutes

As meeting responsible you can set up the guidelines for the meeting minutes in advance and this way save time before sending out the material.

Simple integration to Workzone, Outlook, and FirstAgenda

FirstAgenda Management is fully integratable with KMD Workzone EIM, Outlook, Visma Case and FirstAgenda's other meeting products.

Support your agenda publication

FirstAgenda Management can be connected with FirstAgenda Publication and thereby support the publication of agendas.

Oveview of all tasks in the agenda process

FirstAgenda Management marks a task when it needs attention. This can either be an approval process, upcoming deadlines, and incoming comments. FirstAgenda Management gives an overview of all meetings and teams. This way, users will always have an individual overview of their tasks during the entire agenda process. 

  • Get notifications about tasks that need attention
  • Get the full overview
  • Get a strong foundation for a fast response time

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FirstAgenda Management has made the agenda production far more effective. It is intuitive and easy to use and the flow from agenda creation to publishing minutes is smooth. A agenda can be created in less than 10 seconds where we earlier could spend 10 minutes doing this, since the agenda items needed to be downloaded from Word.

Jette Brøndum, Ballerup Kommune

Templates assist with recurring meetings

If you have recurring meetings with a similar structure, it is clever to use existing templates and make the process more efficient. You also have the opportunity to make your own templates, if the demands for your agendas are not met with the existing ones.

  • Use tested meeting templates
  • Create personal templates

Prepare meeting minutes

As agenda producer you can prepare the meeting minutes prior to the meeting. For instance you can apply attendees, date, agenda, and discussion items before the meeting and save time when publishing.

  • Prepare minutes af agendas in advance
  • Create access to minutes quickly after the meeting

Support the meeting and publication

FirstAgenda Management is a independent product in a gathered solution that gives you full control of all meeting processes.

Plan and structure several series of meetings with FirstAgenda Management, hold the meeting and postprocess with FirstAgenda Live, and publish minutes with FirstAgenda Publication. Create transparent and effective meetings with systems that connect and sync during the entire process.

If you already use some meeting tools that you appreciate, there is a great posibility that FirstAgenda is compatible with these systems or tools. This can secure an even smoother preparation and execution of meetings.

Integrate with other tools you use

The integration between Agenda Management, Workzone EIM, Visma Case and FirstAgenda's other products secures that you, across all systems, have control over everything from calendar bookings, creation of meeting material and compliance processes to a user friendly and safe preparation for the meeting participants. The work flows are direct and effective so important documents will not be stored in unsafe servers and computers, but the placement of the content and who has access to it will be under control - all together with a high level of flexibility.

Safety first

At Visma FirstAgenda we follow high standards when dealing with IT security and data management. This means that your information will be safe and not misused by third parties.

Read about our security measures in FirstAgenda Management

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