The meeting solution that takes your meetings to the next level

More than 370,000 meetings have been held with the help of FirstAgenda. The solution helps you streamline your meetings and make them more efficient - from the distribution of the agendas to preparation and the execution of the meeting.

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FirstAgenda Prepare makes it simple to be a part of several boards and organisations

You can use our meeting solution across several organisations. This way, you will have all your meeting material gathered in one place, and it is easy to start the preparation.

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The meeting solution is simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate in even for people without further IT knowledge

Finally, you no longer need to keep track of the latest version of your agendas and appendices. With FirstAgenda Prepare, you will get a quick overview of the meetings, and the solution integrates with the most commonly used DMS systems. Agendas and appendices can be downloaded automatically or created directly in Prepare - while the safety is under control. Everything is gathered in one place and will automatically be updated when you make changes. More than +35,000 users enjoy the solution every day.

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Enjoy better meetings with five simple steps in FirstAgenda Prepare

Create agenda

Easier administration

  • Create agendas directly in FirstAgenda Prepare or
  • Transfer your agenda/minutes automatically from your DMS system to Prepare

Publish agenda

Synchronise the meeting material

  • Make the agendas accessible for the meeting participants
  • Adjustments and new versions of the meeting will automatically be updated, and you decide if the participants should be notified or not

Prepare for the meeting

Better preparation

  • Prepare the meeting from an iPad or a computer
  • Make highlights or notes
  • Share your comments with other participants directly from the meeting documents

Hold your meeting

More efficient meetings

  • Get an overview of your notes and highlights during the meeting

  • You always have access to the latest version of the agenda

Meeting minutes

The decisions will be documented

  • Approve the minutes directly in Prepare
  • Gather the decisions automatically and send out the minutes
  • Publish the minutes automatically on your website

Hear it from our customers

More than 370,000 meetings have already been held with FirstAgenda Prepare. Here you can read what our customers and partners say about us.



Like all other IT departments, we are busy. Our success criteria are that the products are as self-running as possible. It is not often that people reach out to me asking for help with FirstAgenda Prepare since the system is easy to use.

Jesper Bollerslev, IT consultant, The Danish Agriculture & Food Council



I was very impressed by how fast the implementation process with the system went. When we decided to use FirstAgenda Prepare, it took less than two months before the first politicians used the system.

Mette Stokbæk, Attorney, The Region of Southern Denmark



FirstAgenda Prepare gives a quick overview of meeting documents, and it is always possible to go back and find the old meeting documents you need. This is one of the reasons why more and more users have started using FirstAgenda Prepare in Sydbank.

Roland Erik Lorenzen, IT consultant, Sydbank

Save time and resources with a digital meeting solution

Do you have city council meetings, committee meetings, board meetings, management meetings or other meetings that require a ton of documents? Then FirstAgenda Prepare will make your workday a lot easier. With FirstAgenda Prepare, you always have the latest updated version of the meeting material gathered in one place. The material is easy to access and overview no matter where you are. More than 95%of all the Danish municipalities and all the Danish regions enjoy the advantages of our digital meeting solution. Furthermore, Prepare is widely used in other Scandinavian countries.


Get to know the most important functions in FirstAgenda Prepare. Select whether you are a meeting participant or agenda producer.

Agenda producer  Meeting participant

We take good care of your data

Reliable and stable

Our focus is to secure a reliable and stable system. FirstAgenda Prepare is hosted in one of Europe's leading hosting centres. You can always follow our operational status and sign up for our e-mail services to receive information about system disruption. 

User control

In FirstAgenda Prepare, the administrator assigns other users the role of agenda producers, who have full control over which users should have access to both agendas, agenda items, and appendices. You can improve security even more when dealing with confidential agenda items and documents. This way, it will only be limited to people that have access to the confidential files.

Encrypted communication

FirstAgenda uses encrypted communication through the internet. When up- and downloading documents, we use the encrypted HTTPS protocol.

Two-factor login

With two-factor login, you get increased security because all meeting participants (besides username and password) also have to use a new SMS code at each login. As an alternative, you can also ask for the SMS code when the users' log in outside your organisational network.

Touch-ID and Face-ID

If you tend to forget your password, you can activate Touch-ID or Face-ID when you log into FirstAgenda Prepare from your iPad. If you are still in need of a new password, it is easy to get a new one without involving the administrator.

ADFS login

ADFS login has the advantage that your access management will be placed in your AD (your local user and rights system) and not in FirstAgenda Prepare. Another advantage is that you only need to memorise one password because you automatically get logged into FirstAgenda Prepare when you work within the internal Wifi of your organisation.

Safety first

At Visma FirstAgenda, we fully live up to the standards within IT security and data processing and we secure that your information will not be misused by a third party.

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