Effective execution of political meetings

FirstAgenda Live makes meetings simple and streamlined to execute. Handle last-minute changed and cancellations, and communicate directly to the politicians in the Chamber or online.

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The advantages of FirstAgenda Live

Zero errors with
digital voting


Overview of the
speaker list

Presentation on the
big screen

Management of attendance and cancellation

Digital voting

The politicians can directly accept or reject the suggestion from a tablet. The result will be counted immediately and shown on the big screen. This way, the vote will develop continuously, which eliminated errors in the count.

Contains i.a.:

  • Digital voting module for iPad, tablet, and browser
  • Results shown in the big screen
  • API integration to DMS

Automatic minutes

Votes, results, comments, suggestions, speaker list, attendence, etc. are generated automatically after the meeting - this way, you save time writing minutes and avoid errors.

Contains i.a.:

  • Automatic creation af minutes after a meeting
  • The minutes can be send directly to the stakeholders
  • You choose the content of the minutes

Easy administration of the speaker list

Before the meeting, the politicians can request to speak and ask questions. At the same time, you get a good overview of the meeting participant's time to talk. The visual speaker list during the meeting

Contains i.a.:

  • The possibility to change the speaker list during the meeting

Presentation on the big screen

The voting results, agendas, speaker lists, and incoming questions will be shown on the big screen so all participants can follow along. The counting process is this way eliminated, and so is the confusion regarding the agenda and questions.

Contains i.a.:

  • Simple presentation and important information on the big screen

Management of attendance and cancellation

The meeting participants can, with FirstAgenda Live, cancel meetings forward in the calendar. When participants report their absence to a meeting, a substitute can be assigned the voting option and access all information from FirstAgenda Live.

Contains i.a.:

  • The meeting participants can report their absence before and during a meeting
    Simple handling of substitute
    Absence is automatically transferred to the minutes



It is a fantastic tool for the chair of the meeting to have an overview of the speaker time, which also is the case with digital voting. I have to admit that what surprises me the most as a committee secretary is that the suggestions are ready and prepared in advance. It works so great.

Mari Bergersen, Section Chief, Lillestrøm Kommune



The different functions are very appealing, especially the line of speakers that looks like the one we are used to from the town hall and the digital voting that keeps track of all the different members.

Tina Boldt, Administration, Gladsaxe Kommune

Full control over the processes: Prior, during, and after the meeting

FirstAgenda Live is an independent product in a gathered meeting package that gives you full control and overview of all processes regarding political meetings. Structure the meetings during the year in FirstAgenda Management, prepare for them in FirstAgenda Prepare, execute and finish effectively with FirstAgenda Live and publish the minutes using FirstAgenda Publication. Experience the feeling of effective meetings with systems that corporate during the entire process.

Simple integration to DMS and FirstAgenda

Safety first

At Visma FirstAgenda, we fully live up to the standards within IT security and data processing and we secure that your information will not be misused by a third party.

Read more about our safety measures for FirstAgenda Live

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