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FirstAgenda Prepare - New colors on web


We can now present new colors on web and an optimization of Other Material.

Nwe colors on web

Take a look around on the website and enjoy the new blue colors on the website. We have tried to create a difference between the admin-part and the reading-part. This shows in the leftside menu that has gotten a dark blue color while the bright Visma color is dominating in the reading-part.

Other Material : Links

You as a agenda collector can now attach links to Other Material. Links are available both on web and on the iPad and can be placed both in and outside of your folder structure. 

Other Material: Extra participants 

Extra participants can now access Other Material. 

Gray background on the content of the case presentation

Most case presentations which transferred from ESDH systems are shown in Prepare with a gray background on title sections such as “Setting”, “Minutes”, “Finance”, etc. We have made it possible for us to remove this gray background. If the customer wishes so, then get in touch with our support. Note: If we remove the gray background, it will be removed everywhere.


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