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FirstAgenda Prepare - A number of corrections


A summary of corrections to Prepare for the end of January/the start of February.

The reading part

Bug fixes to items without any content

  • A fix has been made so that it's possible to write a decision on an item that has no content.
  • The same applies to Approval: You can now approve an item that has only a title and no content/document added.
  • The arrows to scroll between the items were disabled if you came to an item without any content. The arrows now work again - even at items without content.

Navigation using the up-and-down arrow

  • Decisions: if you clicked on the up-and-down arrows right after writing a decision on an item, then the decision struck through on all items. This meant that all items suddenly had the same decision. It has now been fixed.

Download content link

  • If you have deselected that meeting participants appears on the front page of a meeting, then this choice is also shown on the front page of the downloaded PDF. This means, no meeting participants on the front page in Prepare = no meeting participants on the front page in PDF.

Items on unreleased meeting failed

  • The scenario was that a user made a note or chat on an item at a released meeting. Then a new version of the same meeting is made, which is not released. This means, there are now 2 versions of the meeting: a released and an unreleased version. The user goes to the unreleased version and accesses the item with the chat or note. The meeting crashed. This has now been fixed.


The Admin part

Log lists under Settings

  • Both of these log lists can now be downloaded again: “Download list with added and removed selection rights” and “Download administrator list”

Authentication sheets and deleted users

  • It is now possible to download the approval sheet even if one of the people who approved the item has been deleted in Prepare.

Publishing API:

  • If you updated the "Start date of publication" and clicked "Save", it was not saved. It has now been fixed.

Country code by mobile number:

  • Country code name “Svalbard" is no longer the country code when you create a user in an organization that is set to the Norwegian language. The country code is now “Norway”.


Additional participant and notifications

  • When an Extra Participant is assigned to a meeting, the user automatically registers for notifications in the committee. This is done so that the user knows when the meeting is released and ready for reading. The problem was that the Extra participant could not unsubscribe from the notifications again because the committee was not on the list of user notifications. It has now been corrected so that an Extra Participant can unsubscribe from notifications in the committee.

Committee member received notifications after being removed from the committee

  • If an agenda producer removed a user from a committee and the user had enabled notifications in the committee, then the user continued to receive notifications from the committee. It is now fixed so that the user automatically gets notifications disabled when he/she is removed from the selection.


In addition to the fixes that has been listed above, we have also made a number of fixes and optimizations behind in Prepare.


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