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New "voting window" instead of "Selected for Approval"

We have introduced what we call a "voting window" as a replacement for "Selected for Approval". This change is part of the preparations so that we can later introduce anonymous votes. We hope you enjoy the new design.


  • New "Voting window"
    We have received a lot of good feedback and some of it has been about the fact that it is difficult to keep track when you as a meeting chair constantly have to scroll up and down between the views "Suggestions and propositions" and "Selected for approval".
    To make a better overview, we have therefore introduced the "voting window", which is constantly visible on the meeting chair's screen. This window can be folded so that it takes up less space and opens up as needed.
  • Vote blank is now turned off by default.
    Previously, the setting "Vote blank" would be overwritten if you turned it on during a simple vote, so that the new votes would also have "Vote blank". This has now been removed.
  • Display in an active voting
    - You can now fold the view of an suggestion/proposition when you are voting.
    - Voters are shown with full names instead of initials
    - The voting result is displayed in number of votes instead of percent
    - You can see who needs to vote


  • We have experienced that you can double register a cancellation. It is corrected.
  • During a meeting, we experienced that a user can double-register a cancellation. It is corrected


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