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FirstAgenda Live - Changes to the design

30/06/2022We have introduced what we call a "voting window" as a replacement for "Selected for Approval". This change is part of the preparations so that we canRead more

FirstAgenda Live - Minor corrections

01/04/2022Bug fixesThe big screenThe right pointnumber on the agenda is now showing on the big screen as well.The showing on Web for meeting particRead more

FirstAgenda Prepare - New colors on web

30/03/2022Nwe colors on webTake a look around on the website and enjoy the new blue colors on the website. We have tried to create a difference between theRead more

Kopi af FirstAgenda Live - Ny funktion

23/02/2022NOW it's here! We are very excited to present the requested function, Automatic convening of deputies.With automatic convening, the administrationRead more

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