Hillerød Municipality

Rethink the process of agenda publishing

Hillerød Kommune was about to replace their DMS system. As a part of the big move, the municipality decided to rethink the process of how agendas and minutes should be released from their website. The goal was to find a solution that was easy and manageable to use for the citizens. As a crucial requirement, the citizens should be able to subscribe to important agendas, updates, and receive an e-mail when meeting minutes were ready.

After a review of possible solutions, the choice became FirstAgenda Publication. The solution had functions that made it possible for the citizens to subscribe to agendas and minutes from political committees and afterwards print a single document with all the important information gathered.

The subscribe option makes it much simpler for the citizens to follow the upcoming meetings and important decisions. It is a feature that we have always appreciated very much.

 Bente Jensen, Legal consultant

Easy integration to the municipalities' systems that secures a simple workflow

Before the implementation of FirstAgenda Prepare for collection of meeting documents and preparation of agendas, Hillerød Municipality had changed their working DMS system. Since FirstAgenda Publication is fully able to integrate with FirstAgenda Prepare, Hillerød Municipality can manage the preparation of agendas, execution of the meeting, and sent out the minutes afterwards. At the same time, the municipality secured that potential changes in agendas and minutes automatically were transferred and adjusted on the webpage when a change has been made in Publication.

“FirstAgenda Publication aligns greatly with our other agenda systems, among other FirstAgenda Prepare, this way we can manage the entire agenda publication", says Bente Jensen, Legal consultant at Hillerød Municipality.

Agile collaboration secured a quick implementation

This was the beginning of a collaboration to get Publication implemented as fast and smooth as possible.

"During the entire process, we have had a terrific collaboration with FirstAgenda, and the implementation process of Publication has been easy and smooth", Bente Jensen says, Legal consultant in Hillerød Municipality. This has resulted in a solution that aligns with the municipality's existing systems and a system that has received positive feedback from the citizens.

“We have received great feedback from the citizens, and now we have a dialogue to make FirstAgenda Publication even better", Bente ends.

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