Esbjerg Municipality

Agile implementation kick-started our agenda publication

Esbjerg Municipality wanted a simple and effective digitalisation of their agenda publication that at the same time could work in collaboration with their existing systems. An agile and effective cooperation process secured that this became a reality.

The work with minutes is often a slow and comprehensive process affected by countless manual workflows, which is a recognisable situation for Esbjerg Municipality. Here, the employees were frustrated over the amount of workload when uploading meeting minutes. The process took a lot of time and required that the responsible remembered all activities from the entire workflow. When the municipality decided to implement a new webpage, it needed a digitalisation of the agenda publication.

Knowledge of the solution makes the process more effective

Esbjerg Kommune anvendte allerede FirstAgenda Prepare til at planlægge og administrere møder, og da FirstAgendas dagsordenspubliceringsværktøj FirstAgenda Publication enkelt kunne integreres med løsningen, var der ikke langt fra behov til første møde med FirstAgenda. Her blev Publication præsenteret for repræsentanter fra kommunen, og der blev efterfølgende etableret et effektivt samarbejde om implementeringsprocessen mellem kommunen og FirstAgenda.

”Præsentationen var meget ligetil, og vi kunne hurtigt se, at mange af vores behov var besvaret i løsningen. FirstAgenda introducerede straks projektlederen, og så tog det egentligt bare fart med at starte implementeringen,” siger Martin Vinter, digitaliseringskonsulent i Esbjerg Kommune.

It has definitely been an agile process from start to end. It did not take long from the moment we asked about the possibility to get a new function, to FirstAgenda started the work and supported our needs.

 Martin Dahlstrøm Vinter, Digitalisation consultant


Successful implementation secures effective journaling

After the start-up period was successfully coming to an end and the use of the solution had become an integrated part of the daily operations, the municipality started to notice a specific challenge that was unique for their workflow and, therefore, not a standard in FirstAgenda Publication. This was regarding a wish that adjusted the publishing time for agenda notifications to ease the following journaling.

"It has been an agile process from start to end. It did not take long from the moment we asked about the possibility of the new feature to FirstAgenda started the process and started to support our needs", it comes from Martin Vinter.

In the daily operations, FirstAgenda Publication has managed to replace several manual processes and thereby reduce the number of processes when publishing agendas. The efficient implementation of the solution in the municipality's workflows has given the responsible more motivation. According to Martin Vinter, the goal is to incorporate a large number of processes soon.

"FirstAgenda Publication has activated many of our working processes and made sure that we avoid lots of time-consuming, internal struggles", Martin Vinter ends.

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