Douglas City Council

In Douglas, they save time and money with FirstAgenda

In the ocean surrounding Ireland, the self-governing island Man is located. In the capital, Douglas, the City Council uses FirstAgenda Prepare, and the introduction has been a bit of a transformation.

Previously they printed all documents before they were manually put together and send out or handed over to the meeting participants. It was a time-consuming process where an employee easily could use two or three days to prepare all documents. With the change to FirstAgenda Prepare, the process has been significantly shorter - exactly like the paper piles.

The City Council is especially happy that all documents are archived and that it is possible to include images in high resolution directly from the solution. Before, images were scanned and printed, which was expensive and resulted in low quality. In Prepare, it is possible to zoom in when looking at a map or an image of a monument which helps the City Council to make better decisions.

Another advantage is that it is possible to make last-minute changes to the agenda. Previously, a change in the agenda meant that the decision needed to be postponed to the next meeting, which is never an issue anymore.

"I would recommond FirstAgenda to any City Council that thinks about going digital. It has saved us a lot of time and money", Daniel Looney says, IKT Manager in the City Council of Douglas.

Everyone is happy that we changed. We testes three or four other meeting tools, but we kept coming back to FirstAgenda Prepare. Here, we have greater freedom, and there is great value for money. The system is intuitive to use, and therefore it has been a pleasure for our staff to use.

- Daniel Looney, IKT Manager

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