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Do you want to become a part of the development of the world's best meeting solution? And do you want to be a part of a team with grand ambitions, challenging tasks, room for your ideas, and great humour? Then Visma FirstAgenda is something for you. You will be working in an ambitious and fast-paced SaaS company where we are proud to deliver products known for their user-friendliness and efficiency.

We are always on the lookout for new, talented colleagues

There are many advantages when working at FirstAgenda


Every year we plan a 2-3 days kick-off trip to evaluate the year that has passed, think new, grand thoughts, and boost the motivation. Besides strategy workshops, we also make time for plenty of social activities, visits to delicious restaurants, sightseeing, and parties.

For instance, we have already visited Berlin, Riga, and Nice.

The grand Easter battle

Every year we challenge each other in "The grand Easter battle". The day starts with challenges as darts game, charade, table football, and shuffleboard. The day culminates when we begin the big egg run where the winning mentality really shows, with dirty moves and crushed eggs!

Active breaks

The table football room is a crucial part of the FirstAgenda culture. So important that we have developed a software system that counts points, level, and next opponent.

Delicious lucnh

It is not just bragging, but we have the best lunch in town. Kim and Mikkel are true master chefs and spoil us with tasting surprises every day. It is almost impossible for them to say the lunch is ready before we are already at the buffet.

The club: Cold water swimming

The ocean temperature was 21 degrees Celcius in August 2020 at the harbour, Aarhus Ø. However, it did not stay this warm. We have exposed our bodies to days with storm, snow, darkness, and cold - and fairly weird, we like it! Before we dip in the ocean, we warm up with a power walk or a run.

Covid-19 - What do we do?

Even though we in 2020/2021 have been isolated in our home offices, we have still managed to keep a good team spirit. We have held an online New Year Ball, escape rooms, treasure hunt, walk & talks on the phone, made squads at our daily workout routine, and taught how to make delicate snacks in a cooking class and much more.

Do you want to become a part of Visma FirstAgenda?

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Commercial Director - Partners & Export
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